CBSE 10th RESULT 2016 -

CBSE is abbreviated as Central Board of Secondary Education which was started in November 03, 1962 (i.e. 53 years ago) by ministry of human resource development. All public and private schools affiliating CBSE board comes under the Union government of India. The Chairman of CBSE is Vineet Joshi and the main CBSE branch is located in New Delhi. First of all it was a “Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Rajputana” from 1952 onwards it became the “Central Board of Secondary Education”.

CBSE 10th RESULT 2016 -

cbse 10th results 2016 - copy.png
cbse 10th results 2016 - copy.png

The central board of secondary education is conducting 10th grade examination every year. This is really advantageous in carrier and important for all candidates. The exams generally held in the month of February or March, and the results are declared in May or June.

The curriculum of CBSE is set by National Council Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The curriculum is very good when it comes to general knowledge and general subjects. It allows the students to experiences on the subjects without going deep into them this help them to choose the focus after 10th. This board prepares the students for competitive exams like the IIT, CAT, IIM and all exams which are held at national level. This board also focus on extra-curricular activities and it is compulsory for students so overall growth of child is possible.

Over All Pass Percentage %
No. of Students
99.06 (Expected)
98.47 (Expected)
98.71 (Expected)
10,22,453 (Expected)

The overall 940228 candidate were registered in year 2015 and it will definitely increase in the upcoming years. In perfect 10 CGPA score overall ratio of girls were 45082 and ratio of boys were 49392 (i.e. total ratio was 94474). The expected ratio of 2016 has been stated in above table and we can see a huge increment in girls ratio compared to boys.

These are some related solution about general queries of CBSE 10th board...

  • Generally people have less idea about CGPA and they are not aware with the calculation method
  • CGPA is abbreviated form of Cumulative Grade Points Average. This calculation is based on the total of all subjects excluding the 6th subject. This is evaluated on the basis of average grade points achieved.
  • People have some queries about EIOP and its trial
  • First, EIOP stands for Eligible for Improvement of Performance. Normally, students who has achieved E1 or E2 grades, only those students are eligible for this exam for improving his/her performance in one or any of 5 subjects only once for better performance.
  • There are some queries about if the candidate passes in additional subject but fails in main subject
  • Candidates get the choice of additional subject only in a language, it has a replacement policy for their subject.
  • People also want to be aware about the major difference between board exams and examinations held in the school.
  • School examinations and board examinations both are different because exams conducted by the board ensures the actual format which maintain its level of difficulty.
Everywhere Board examination is of importance because it helps the candidate to choose the stream as per their choice but some people are stressed for the outcome. Result is not a matter of stress it is a matter of output in form of grades as per input given by the candidates.


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